Guest Blog – Lisa

Dear future babies

Your stories are starting a lot sooner than we could have ever thought. That’s because you have a big brother who entered and left the world sooner than we could have ever thought. His name is Dylan.

I am sorry if I say Dylan’s name more times a day than I talk about you.

I am sorry that if when I carry you in my womb I spend more time worrying than enjoying every moment.

I am sorry that you will be classed as a high risk pregnancy, and specialists will be poking, prodding and operating on your home whilst all you want to do is sit back and relax. They just want to make you safe and we will travel the length of the country to find the best people to do this for you.

But mostly, I am sorry you won’t get to meet your big brother. I can tell you that he was incredible and could teach most grown ups about strength. He kept fighting to survive as Mummy’s cervix was breaking away, he was happy and bouncy and enjoyed every moment of his too-short life. He had long slim legs, strong little arms and enjoyed kicking back in Mummy’s womb and with his thumb in his mouth. I have no doubt that he would have been just like Daddy in every way.

On that note, I am sorry that whether you are a girl or a boy you will be forced into Tottenham baby-gro’s by your Daddy, and he will teach you how to kick a ball from the moment you can walk.

Mummy, Daddy and Teddy really cannot wait to meet you. Teddy used to love lying with his head on Mummy’s tummy listening to Dylan’s heartbeat, and I know he will do the same for yours. Teddy is six now (that’s 42 in dog years so he’s the eldest in the house, and definitely the boss of the Kearns house). Teddy gives amazing cuddles and loves to be taken out for long walks. We live for the day that you will be here, enjoying country walks with us too.

We hope that a little angel in the sky sees to it that you are with us soon.


Lisa’s dog and big brother to Dylan and her future babies, Teddy


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