Guest Blog – Rich

Dear Future Babies,

How’s it going?

So…I was unsure where to start with this,

My usual response to this type of thing is “ask your mother”, be it things I don’t know,

things I want her to make the call on, or things that will wind her up. (Have you asked about a Horse yet?)

Some babies are accidents…

That isn’t exactly fair to say. I think we can say that they are surprises.

(My niece Maya for one was a surprise)

A lot of Babies are meant to be, there are no accidents.

Some aren’t meant to be and that’s what makes rainbow babies, but that’s a story for another day.

However, I’m talking today about babies that aren’t surprises.

Every single moment of those special babies lives are planned, researched, mapped out and accounted for.

From the first spark, all the way through to the first cry. All of it.

There were plans for every pot, every visit, every little injection and all of the scans. All timed out with precision and planned to perfection.

This may sound crazy, but we were all there the whole time (so to speak).

I think it’s important you know all of this, because not all grown ups know about it, but it is a part of who you are, what makes you special, it’s who we are as a family and it is what makes those special families complete.

However, if you want to know about the meds and who did all that planning?

Ask your mother.

Who lost sleep as I was out with work?

Ask your mother

Who made me the happiest daddy in the land?

Ask your mother?

And, if you ever want a horse?

Ask your mother (but let me watch)



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