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May 2017

Dear future babies,

It’s been a little while since my last letter, we are still very much hoping and waiting for you to join us soon.

After I was in hospital recently we have had to wait for various appointments and scans before finally going ahead with surgery to take out my tubes so we can start IVF. Im waiting to get a letter and I hope it’s very soon. I’m becoming very impatient and want to start everything tomorrow so in turn we can have you here as soon as possible.

We have to be patient but it’s hard. Once I have my operation it means you will not be conceived in a traditional way, we will need help from doctors and science and medicine but please know that does not mean you aren’t made with love, hope and faith.

Dad as always is quietly supportive you know he keeps his emotions close to his chest but he is as excited for you to be here as much as I am.

Recently we’ve been taking Evie out for the day which we love but it does show me how amazing he is going to be at being a daddy and my heart aches that you aren’t here yet.

I turned 30 last month, I found it difficult as I always imagined being your mummy by now, it also means you won’t be born in 2017 which is a shame but we don’t care when you decide the right time is, as long as you keep trying.

We are trying to enjoy this time before IVF. In two weeks we are going to Helsinki. I cannot wait to show your dad where I grew up and I think it’s going to be emotional. It’ll also be lovely just to get away from life and be the two of us. Once we get back I hope I can have my operation and start our IVF journey to you without anymore bumps along the way.

Love you more than you’ll ever know
Mum xx

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