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March 2017

Dear future babies,

This week we had a little blip on our journey to you.

Last Thursday I started getting very bad pain and feeling very unwell, your dad took me to hospital and I stayed there for 4 nights. They think I’ve now got another blocked tube so they will be doing another operation once I’m better. I didn’t have much time to process the news, obviously I’m sad but it hasn’t changed our immediate plans for you. We will be starting IVF as soon as I’m able and I have everything crossed that this will allow us to finally meet you. It’s hard knowing my body has yet again let me down and preventing me from doing what nature intended us to do, but I am forever thankful that we live in a time and place that allows us to have you another way through science and technology.

At each step of the way I try and stay strong for you and in turn your dad is so strong for me, he’s very good at looking after me, just as I know he will be when you arrive.

In a funny sort of way I think this will allow us to have a break and relax more than we have in the past 2 years. For me especially, it was becoming quite stressful thinking about when we were going to finally get you, I think a few months off will help our stress levels and enjoy being the two of us (hopefully not for much longer though). I want to be as healthy as I can possibly be physically and emotionally for when you are ready to snuggle inside me.

Please know that you are all I think of during every step of the way and I will not give up hope for you. I hope you cause us fewer problems when you are here than you have so far, just kidding. We just can’t wait until you are with us and we can love you.

With love always, Mum xx

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