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January 2017

Dear future babies,

Happy new year!

We are so ready for you now babies, we have a beautiful home you are going to love, money in the bank to spoilt you with and an unlimited supply of love.

Recently we saw our consultant again and he’s confirmed the next step will be IVF. I got quite upset and it means we have to give up on conceiving you naturally but we are willing to do what it takes to have you in our arms.

I have to lose 6 pounds before we are allowed to start the process but I’m determined to do it for you my loves. IVF is scary and it will take everything I have but it will be nothing compared to the joy of seeing that positive pregnancy test.

I’m in the middle of my last cycle of Clomid before IVF and I think about you every minute of every day. I’m struggling with insomnia at the moment, I don’t know if it’s because of everything on my mind or all my hormones but it’s tough going.

Part of what I don’t like about the idea of IVF is it may take some of the fun out of announcing your arrival. Most of our friends, family and work colleagues will know what we are going through so we either lie and say we aren’t pregnant which I’m reluctant to do or we tell people very early which again I’d rather not do. Possibly we will just not tell people when we start but I know I will need all the support I can get. My favourite thing is to imagine how I will tell everyone, I hope we do still get that opportunity

Dad is being amazing as always, I’ve also joined an online community with ladies from all over the world who know exactly what we are going through. It’s helped a lot and stopped me from boring your Dad half to death! I have a smidge of hope that this month we will get our wish and you will find your way to us but if not, we are one step closer to starting IVF. Maybe you are testing our commitment to you babies, but rest assured we are coming for you.

Love Mum xx

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