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December 2016

Dear future babies,

It’s Christmas Eve 2016 and I can’t help but think about you today. Children make Christmas so magical and I can’t wait for you to get here so we can have experience how special it will be be with you.

All we really want for Christmas is you. At this time of year my mind drifts to what has happened over the past year and what the year ahead might have in store for us.

I seem to be having a few medical issues outside of fertility which are being investigated and that has been playing on my mind on top of everything else.

I’m trying to look at 2017 as a fresh start, give us the opportunity to collect ourselves and prepare and focus on the next step. I’m hoping that if we aren’t pregnant soon that we will be allowed to start IVF. In meantime I’m trying to relax, count out blessings and enjoy Christmas with the family.

I always thought 2017 would be meant to be to match me (born 1987) and Grandma (born 1957), it would be a lovely symmetry but we will just have to wait and trust that you will pick the perfect moment to join our family

I really wish i was announcing your arrival this Christmas whether it was just to Dad or to the whole family, it’s always been my dream but you weren’t quite ready for that.

Merry Christmas angel, I love you so much and hope we get to meet you very soon.

Love Mum xx

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